PrismStation AC

  • PrismStation 5AC


    Shielded airMAX® ac BaseStation with airPrism® Technology

    With a die-cast aluminum base and interchangeable antenna, the PrismStationTM AC, brings increased performance to your network using technology that isolates beam communications between your devices. Utilizing Ubiquiti's advanced airMAX® ac processor, the PrismStationTM delivers throughput speeds up to 500+ Mbps and signal ranges up to 5+ km (3+ miles).


  • Horn 5-30


    5 GHz Beamwidth Horn Antenna

    With a range of different beam widths, the isolation antennas are interchangeable and feature high-performance beam patterns ideal for a range of deployment needs. Used with the airFiber® LTU and airMAX® radios, these antennas deliver superb co‐location performance without sacrificing gain.

    Models: Horn‑5‑30, Horn‑5‑45, Horn‑5‑60, Horn‑5‑90